What's This Pest?

Over the years, we've used all sorts of methods of identifying bugs and other pests. Some people have stopped by the office with a bug in a baggie. Others have called us on the phone. (That's a very tough way to identify a bug, by the way.)

Here's an easy method that may help you help us understand your problem. If you've been able to get close enough to the bug or critter, check out the icons listed below. See if one of the pictures matches the pest you saw. Click on the proper icon to get more information about it.

Then, call or email us for help. We'll respond to you promptly. ReCon has tackled a lot of different problems and situations. We can eliminate almost any type of pest that's bothering you.

Many pest control solutions need several steps. We may need to use pesticides, herbicides, traps, bait and sprays. ReCon doesn't use a standardized approach to pest control. We offer custom solutions that are appropriate for your specific problems.

Please give us a try. Estimates are always free. We're the local pest control company from the Eastern Shore who know the problems in this area. Hope to speak with you soon!


Click on an icon to learn more about the pest.