House Cricket (Acheta domesticus)

I. Life Cycle

- Have gradual metamorphosis: Egg, larvae, adult.
- Larva resemble the adult, only smaller and lacking wings.
- Body temperature matches that of the surrounding environment, seeking areas of between 82-86 degrees.
- 8 larval instars at 86 degrees and 10 instars at room temperature.
- Wing pads and ovipositor appear in final 2 instars in females.
- Only the male "sings" rubbing one portion of the wing pad over the other, used to attract females for mating.

II. Behavior and Habitat

- Usually do not frequent homes, except in search of food and shelter in colder weather.
- Will enter through cracks and crevices and door/windows not properly sealed.
- Often located in weed vegetation, leaf litter, under stones/rocks and debris piles.

III. Control

- Seal all cracks and crevices.
- Install 18" pea gravel debris free zone around the perimeter of the structure.
- Remove weeds, debris, wood piles, stones and prune overgrown shrubbery.
- Remove or destroy all living crickets indoors.
- Treat crack/crevice with residual insecticide.


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