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I. Outdoor Spider Control

- Caulk and weather strip all outside cracks, openings, windows and doors.
-Create an 18" pea gravel clutter free zone around the structure free of weeds and plant material.
- Remove conditions that encourage breeding i.e.: trash, wood piles, weeds, leaves, flower pots, lumber, etc.

II. Indoor Spider Control

- Vacuum frequently and remove clutter to eliminate food and shelter.
- Vacuum live, free running spiders.
- Vacuum cobweb, spiders and eggs sacks.
- Regularly clean and dust areas frequented by spiders.
- Control is usually achieved by direct contact with synthetic pyrethroids or pyrethins.

III. Spider Habits

- Spiders are predators that feed on live insects and other spiders.
- Generally do not come into homes.
- Enter homes through loose screens, cracks and crevices and around improperly sealed doors and windows.


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