Oriental Cockroach (Blatta orientalis)

I. Life Cycle

- Produces up to 8 egg capsules in a year with as few as 16 nymphs
- Within 2 days of egg capsule production; placed in area near food
- Nymphs emerge in 2 months and are most active in spring until mid summer
- Egg capsules subject to drying out and cannibalized by other roaches

II. Behavior and Habitat

- Often called "waterbugs" because they are found in humid, moist locations
- Can live outdoors in areas of high organic matter
- In mulches, between soil and foundation, underneath patio bricks and sidewalks
- Moves indoors during hot, dry periods
- Found in basements/crawlspaces, bathrooms and floor drains

III. Inspection

- Inspect in basements/crawlspaces, lower floors and bathrooms
- If found in upper floors, search for moisture problems
- Live or dead roaches
- Egg cases
- Fecal smears
- Low spring infestations may result in high mid-summer infestations


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