Little Black Ants (Monomorium minimum)

I. Identification

- 1/16" in length and jet black in color
- Has a small, weak stinger

II. Nesting Habits

- Wide variety of nesting sites, including interior wall voids and crack/crevice areas
- Nests can be found in decayed wood, in cement cracks, under stones or in lawns
- Populations in the nest grow very rapidly

III. Feeding Habits

- Feed on greasy materials, sweets, fruits and vegetables
- Forage at night and set trails between colony and food source
- Form trails along walls and carpets

IV. Controls

- Locate and treat nests
- Treat ant trails directly
- Remove debris and store firewood off the ground
- Baiting is best control method for this ant
- Locate and seal entry points


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