Crazy Ants (Nylanderia fulva)

I. Identification

- Small dark colored
- All workers in the colony are the same size
- Single node between thorax and abdomen

II. Nesting Habits

- Nest in soil beneath landscape timbers, mulch, decorative stone, logs, firewood and debris
- Can be found in and under potted plants
- Rain gutters are favorite place for nesting

III. Feeding Habits

- Diet varies from grease, sweets and other insects
- Typically do not travel in trails but seem to wander aimlessly. When food source is located, trails will be observed moving towards and away from food source
- When food source is located, hundreds of workers will be seen crawling over the food

IV. Controls

- Locate and treat individual nests
- Exterior perimeter application for barrier
- Crack and crevice treatment indoors to baseboards, closets, appliances, etc.
- Dusts and baits can be used indoors for control, however, crazy ants do not respond well to baits
- Remove debris and store firewood off the ground
- Locate and seal entry points


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