Brown Banded Cockroach (Supella longipalpa)

I. Life Cycle

- Egg cast contains 13-18 eggs
- Eggs glued to inconspicuous places: in furniture, behind picture frames, walls and ceilings
- Eggs hatch in 50 days
- Female can deposit 14 cases in lifetime
- Nymphs molt 6-8 times over 5-6 month period
- Emerge as winged, sexually mature adults
- Female has potential to produce 250 offspring
- Not as commonly seen as German cockroaches

II. Behavior and Habitat

- Build highest populations in high temperature areas
- Do not have high water needs, so can be found in drier places
- Found at or above eye level
- Cabinets, closets, behind pictures, in motors of refrigerators, clocks, timers and televisions

III. Inspection

- Similar to German but in areas higher and drier
- Because of long development and egg hatching time, long-term monitoring important


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