Argentine Ants (Linepithema humile)

I. Identification

- 1/16-1/2" long
- Single upright node between thorax and abdomen
- Uniform light brown to dark brown in color
- Stale, musty odor when crushed

II. Nesting Habits

- Rarely nest in single defined site
- Nests are typically outside in moist areas; under boards, rocks, refuse sites, sidewalks/slabs, leaf litter, mulch
- Colony may consist of tens of thousands of workers with hundreds of queens
- In spring and summer, large nests may split into many smaller nests
- May move indoors during wet weather, droughts, or in absence of honeydew

III. Feeding Habits

- Tend to eat aphids and feed on secreted honeydew
- Also feed on meat, seeds and other insects
- Can forage day and night in "safari-like" ant trails

IV. Controls

- Locate and treat nests
- Destroy other ants
- Dust crack and crevice areas
- Treat active trails
- Remove debris and restack firewood off the ground
- Locate and seal entry points


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